Document Shredding Machineries for Secure Document Destruction

A document shredder is a machine used to shred documents into waste paper, either in strips or fine pieces. Many organizations including the Government, businesses, and private individuals use paper shredders to obliterate sensitive documents and other papers which may be used by strangers to commit identity theft or fraud.

Document Shredders vary in size, and are designed for document destruction from small to large units. They are used by paper shredding service providers that cost thousands of dollars and can shred numerous documents per hour. Some document shredders used by a commercial paper shredding services are constructed on a shredding van.

Types of Document Shredders
The general shredder is electrically powered equipment, but there are manual shredders, such as unique scissors with several blades and hand-cranked revolving shredders. Paper Strip shredders use rotating knives to cut the strips sheet of paper.
Patient investigators or adversaries can reassemble such destroyed documents for later use. Cross-cut paper shredders use two rotating containers to shred parallelogram or tiny diamond-shaped size shreds.

Cardboard paper shredders are designed to shred uneven matter into mesh pallets or strips. Granulators and disintegrators continuously cut paper randomly till the shredded particles are small enough to pass through a mesh. Hammer mills document shredders thump the papers through a panel into tiny pieces.
Pierce-and-tear shredders use revolving blades that penetrate the paper tearing it apart for disposal. Grinders use rotating tubes with shredding blades that crush documents until they turn into little pieces to descend through a screen.

Truck Document Shredders
Box trucks are mobile paper shredding services that shred commercial-sized papers built inside the truck, usually in the front segment of the vehicle.
The box has two sections: the paper shredding equipment part and the load area for storage of shredded documents. The trucks are designed to shred up to 83,600 kg of waste paper per hour.

Movable shredding trucks have a storage space capacity of up to 15,000 lb of shredded paper. Mobile trucks Offer document destruction services to commercial clients across the country.

Document Destruction Kiosks
A document shredding kiosk is an automated machine that the public may access to shred unwanted papers. This paid service is a solution to personal paper shredders, where faster and great document shredders come in handy to small businesses or persons.

Secure Document Shredding Services
Some organizations outsource their document shredding services to document destruction companies. The document shredding companies shred unwanted papers on-site, with mobile trucks or own paper shredding facilities. Documents that require shredding are often locked away in waste bins and later emptied periodically.
Canada offers no strict regional or national regulations for commercial paper shredding services. Paper shredding service Companies may sign up with the National Association for Information Destruction to regularly receive industrial bi-annual audits. You may find it useful to consult with Shred-it for additional information.

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